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Bag Replaced Filter cartridge

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 high performance filter media
● Pleated configuration with high filtration area.
● large 6 inch (152mm) cartridge diameter suitable

for high flow/high contaminant applications
● High mechanical strength
● Easily retrofit into existing size 1 and size 2 bag housings.
● The inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures the unwanted

particles are trapped with the element.


 Prefiltration of RO, Pretreatment of sea water desalination
● Condensate water ,Make-up, rinse, process cooling water
● API, solvents, and water filtration in BioPharm market
● The filtration of bottled water, high Fructose, edible oil, soft drinks and milk
● Automotive Paints, inks, CD/DVD, magnetic media, Petrochemical, Refineries
● Microelectronics, film, fiber and resin

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