high flow

High Flow Filter

Its unique combination of media ensures a higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life. No binders, glue and surfactant of any sort is used in the process of manufacturing.

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  • Prefiltration of RO, sea water desalination
  • Condensate water filtration, hot water recovery in power generation
  • API, solvents, and water filtration in Biopharmaceutical
  • bottled water, high Fructose, edible oil, soft drinks and milk filtration
  • Painting and coating, petrochemical, refineries
  • Microelectronics, film, fiber and resin



  • Gradient pore structure
    Up to 110M3/H flowrate per filter cartridge for water filtration.
    Deducted 50% size of the filter system
    All contaminants retained within the cartridge

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