PES Membrane Filters

PES (Polyethersulfone) membrane is hydrophilic and constructed from pure polyethersulfone polymer membrane without support. It is designed to remove particulates during filtration and its low protein and drug binding due to the highly asymmetric pore structure characteristics make it ideally suited for use in life science applications and sterile filtration.

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Features and Benefits

  • High flow rates and throughputs
  • Good chemical compatibility
  • Compatible with a variety of sealing methods
  • Available in a wide range of pore sizes
  • Higher wick rates (lateral flow)
  • Superior burst strength
  • Low extractables, no external wetting agents



Medical Applications

  • Bacteria and particulate removal
  • Blood analysis
  • Syringe filtration

Industrial Applications

  • Rinse and DI water
  • Pharmaceuticals

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